GOVERNING BODIES                                                BG         






GENERAL ASSEMBLY – the General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the Association. All members of the Association participate in the GA. General Assembly is a permanent managing body of the association and everybody or legal entity can be its member voluntarily.

MANAGERS BOARD– it consists of 7 members.
Members of the Board are as follows:

  • Eng. Rumen Vidov, Chairman – Mayor of Vidin municipality  

  • Evtim Stefanov, member of MB, Executive director of ARDBC Vidin

  • Lyubcho Yonov, member of MB

  • Vladimir Georgiev, member of MB, IA Bank

  • Ilia Kamenov, member of MB, UBB – Vidin branch

  • Aleksandar Aleksiev, member of MB, Municipality of Belogradchik

  • Albena Angelova- member of MB – representative of Novo selo municipality

 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - represents the Association according to the Statute and the Law to all organizations and institutions with the right to prepare all necessary documents related to the operational activities of the Association.