IMPLEMENTED PROJECTS                                   BG      




















































ARDBC as Leading organization

1. Establishment of Agency for Regional Development and Business Center – Vidin” BUL/012/G/01/11

2. Project for Build of Commodity Wholesale Market, 97/1-BU/RO-001

3. Business Incubator – Vidin

4. Project Business Incubator, funded by USAID, 1999-2001, for 71460 BGL. Objective: to create a tool for SMEs support and to build capacity to provide services to SMEs;

5. Creation of Non-profit organization Support Center in Northwestern Bulgaria

6. More Responsible Northwestern Bulgaria, funded by USAID

7. Project CRS / Bulgaria “Program for microfinance”, funded by Catholic Relief Services, USA, 1998 – 2000 for 28 642BGL. Objective: Micro loans to start-ups through establishment of co-operations;

8. Project JOBS /Job opportunities through business support/, funded by MLSP and UNDP 2000-2006. Objective: to encourage the creation of new jobs and support SMEs;

9. Capacity building for the accelerated growth of the SME sector in Bulgaria, financed by EU 2000-2002 for 40 506 GBL. Objective: Capacity building for ARDs to support SMEs and project development and management;

10. Chance for job and professional realization. Source of funding: EU PHARE Program

11. Danube Euro regional Civil Forum. Source of funding: EU PHARE Program/CBC BG-RO Small Projects Fund

12. Civil Initiative for Regional Development

13. Project 100 “Creation of competitive SMEs”, funded by ME through Project JOBS 2004-2006. Objective: support, consult and monitor 15 start-ups which received grants for 15000BGL each;

14. Project Let’s work together, BG 2202/000-623-04-016, funded by PHARE CBC, BG-RO 2004-2005 Objective: improve contacts among SMEs from both countries, 103904BGL;

15. Project “Handicrafts” – alternative way for employment of disadvantaged people

16. Project Exit from the labyrinth funded by JOBS, 19360GBL. Objective: To fight unemployment and consult SMEs in human resource management;

17. Project “Urbanization and social development in regions with minorities”, funded by PHARE through UNDP 2004-2006, Objective: support economic and social integration of minority groups. 37092 BGL;

18. Project BG2003/004-937.11.01-2.255 “Management consultation on the spot in support of alternative business development in Vidin district” Objective: support for alternative business development. Funded by PHARE Alternative Employment, total costs 42067.50 EUR;

19. Employment services in Vidin municipality, Contract no. 5040210606023

20. Employment services in Dimovo municipality, Contract no. 5040210606024

21. Project “Marketing of the whole tourism destination of the cross-border area of Bulgaria and Serbia” BG2004/016-785. Objective: tourism promotion of the cross-border area. Funded by PHARE 2004 CBC Bulgaria - Serbia, total costs 68790 EUR;

22. Project “Support of small business in Vidin” funded by Employment Agency, program AUPT, financed by the World Bank, for 24507 EUR;

23. Project “Raising cross-border chess spirit” 2005/017-457.02.007  funded by PHARE 2005 CBC Bulgaria – Serbia, total costs 29340 EUR;

24. Project “Civil sector – factor in local development” 07-23-111-C Objective: increase of the capacity of NGOs and local authorities to develop and manage EU funded projects, Operative Program Administrative Capacity, ESF, total costs 92 557 EUR

25. Project “Improvement of the quality of work force in Vidin”. Objective: increase of the qualification and key competences of employees in small companies in Vidin. Contract No ESF-2101-05-04002, funded by Employment Agency, ESF, total costs 129 194 EUR

26. Project “Knowledge is power” Contract No. BG2006/018-343.10.01-3.05

Financial Leasing Scheme, funded by MLSP through JOBS, 2000-2006. Objective: provide equipment and machinery to SMEs at leasing.


ARDBC as partner within the project

Project “The development of business infrastructure in the Municipality of Craiova by setting up a technological and business cross – border incubator” RO2005/017-535.01.01.03 – cross-border partner in the project; Objective: promotion of sustainable economic development of cross border zone Dolj– Vidin, through development of business cross border infrastructure and business cooperation in order to reduce  peripheral character of the zone and to increase cross-border cooperation between the private and public sectors. Total costs 668 279 EUR;

Project “Virtual centre for informing and consulting in cross-border environment protection (CEVIC-PROM)” RO2005/017-535.01.02.17. Cross-border partner. Objective: to promote sustainable development through increasing cooperation and information in environment protection domain to the level of cross-border business climate. Total costs 92 595 EUR

Project “E-Environment” RO2005/017¬535.01.02.12 Cross-border partner Objective: Developing environment networks- common organizations and informing systems, for supporting development of cross-border environment infrastructure to economic level, through research-development, ITC and automation. Total costs 95 960EUR