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    As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria has the
opportunity to benefit from the policy of European economic and social cohesion through the help of EU structural funds and funding programs.
opportunity is aimed at public and private sectors in the country which will have a real chance to absorb a considerable  part of funds for European projects intended for Bulgaria in the period 2007 - 2013 focused on the development and modernization of various sectors of the economy and social life.
      We offer
- Consulting and information on the development and management of projects to apply to the EU funds and programs.
- P
reparation of complete application documents with projects drafted by NGOs, corporate bodies and individuals, municipalities, culture centers and others.
- Management and reporting of EU funded projects

The experts in ARDBC - Vidin have experience in development of projects within the following programs:

Operational Program "Environment" - http://ope.moew.government.bg/

Operational Program "Regional Development" - http://www.bgregio.eu/

Operational Program "Human Resources Development" - http://ophrd.government.bg/

Operational Program Development of the Competitiveness of Bulgarian economy"-   http://www.opcompetitiveness.bg/

Operational Program “Administrative Capacity"- http://www.opac.government.bg/

Program for Rural Development - http://www.mzh.government.bg/

Cross-Border Cooperation Program Romania - Bulgaria - http://www.cbcromaniabulgaria.eu/

We will advise you more about:

  • If your company or organization fulfill the eligibility criteria of the operational program;
  • The necessary goals and requirements that your project proposal should cover in order to comply the eligibility criteria and objectives of the operational program;
  • The priority areas in which the project should be entered;
  • The size and eligible funding that you can get, including advance and interim payments;
  • Eligible costs that can be made and to be financed according to the EU requirements;
  • The resources needed for co-financing, which must own or have available to the particular moment;
  • Opportunities for receiving bank institution funds, including preparing a business plan for co-financing in accordance with the requirements of the credit institution, assurance credit or bank guarantee;
  • Time schedule and deadlines that must be followed for implementation of the project.

If you are interested to services we offer, please contact us here.