OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES                                BG         







The main objective of the Business incubator is to accelerate the successful development of business tenants, while they become stable and able to operate alone on the market.

Business incubator activities include the following:
Immediate technical assistance to local companies and entrepreneurs:
- Support for
new economic initiatives
- Management, economic, legal, financial and marketing advice from experts
at the incubator
- Training and qualification
- Increased access to funding
- Providing premises for companies at prices lower than market
- Office and administrative support, incl. use of services and equipment - Internet, fax, computer, courier and postal services
Promoting business contacts and cooperation between local and foreign companies
Support for specific target groups (unemployed, representatives of minorities, disabled):
- Overcoming the social
- Specialized training programs
- Creation of new companies and conditions for job creation
- Accelerating the development of new businesses.